people talking in group therapy Group therapy is one of the core treatments we offer clients at Sierra Sage Recovery Services. It is a program where individuals come together usually as least three times a week for up to three hours to describe and discuss issues with substance use disorder. Group treatment provides an environment of trust and confidentiality where clients can share experiences, process their emotions, express their thoughts and feelings, and heal from the disease of addiction.

Benefits of Group Therapy

The two most significant benefits of group therapy are learning how to deal with triggers and cravings and developing a support network that can make life after treatment easier. Addiction is a complex disease. It has both physical and psychological aspects. For individuals to heal, they need to not only address the physical side, such as managing and overcoming withdrawal symptoms but also the emotional and mental aspects. Triggers are the things that cause an intense craving to arise in someone dependent upon drugs or alcohol. They can be a person, a place, a situation, or even a sight or a smell.

When an individual encounters something triggering, they feel an intense craving to use. Overcoming this mental and emotional barrier can be a challenge. In group therapy, individuals share what they’ve learned about their triggers, work to identify what does trigger them, and then discuss how they have succeeded or failed to deal with them. This gives everyone involved a deep understanding of themselves and others as well as hope in how best to tackle their issues.

Within a group, individuals can build bonds with their peers, knowing that those around them have a real and deep understanding of what dependency feels like. For many, this enhances their recovery. It also gives them a chance to create a new support system for then they successfully complete addiction treatment.

Areas Covered in Our Group Therapy Program

Here at Sierra Sage, our group therapy program covers a wide range of areas, issues, and topics impacting individuals in recovery for drug or alcohol abuse. For example, some of these include:

  • Self-Care: Positive mental health and physical health often begin with stress reduction and discovering how to find a balance in recovery.
  • Denial management: Clients educate each other on how to focus positive energy towards their recovery and how to turn crises into opportunities.
  • Manifestations: Being able to dictate and control emotions is vital. When discussing manifestations, clients learn how to make healthy goals and create the path needed to achieve happiness and strength in sobriety.
  • Defense Mechanisms: Defense mechanisms or unhealthy coping mechanisms can lead to toxic behaviors.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Healthy communication is vital for any successful recovery. By learning to listen to others and speak with them in cooperative ways, clients discover healthy ways to understand and manage their emotions.
  • Living Sober: Perhaps the most direct benefit of group therapy is hearing from your peers how they faced challenges similar to what you’re going through. It is a means to learn new tools and techniques to manage the array of life’s triumphs and struggles while maintaining sobriety.
  • Budgeting and finances: Substance use disorder can throw one’s finances into chaos. A benefit of group work is learning or re-learning how to have a stable financial life and future.

Sierra Sage

Sierra Sage Recovery Services provides high-quality care for Nevada Medicaid recipients struggling with substance use disorders. Our group therapy program, in conjunction with our other addiction treatment therapies, can help clients heal and recover from dependency on drugs or alcohol. Some of our other therapeutic services include:

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