When people think about common mental health conditions, they often think about depression and anxiety. Even though these two severe mood disorders deserve to be treated comprehensively, other disorders are often overlooked. One such mental health issue is bipolar disorder. If you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, then it is important to make sure that this disorder is treated appropriately as quickly as possible. That is where Sierra Sage Recovery can help. We can guide you through recognizing bipolar disorder and finding the right support to treat the condition.

sculpture of two heads showing bipolar disorderWhat Is Bipolar Disorder?

People need to make sure that they can control their emotions. In some cases, this is not possible. That is the one way to look at bipolar disorder. When someone has been diagnosed with this condition, they frequently fluctuate between euphoria and instances of depression. In some cases, people may fluctuate between both of these feelings within the same day.

There are some situations where bipolar disorder can look like depression. The reality is that depressive episodes are one of the defining features of bipolar disorder. On the other hand, these depressive episodes can be replaced by euphoric feelings, commonly referred to as mania. In some situations, manic episodes can even make someone feel like they are “high.” When someone is high, their judgment is often compared. Therefore, this mental health condition treatment focuses on helping people with bipolar disorder control their emotions.

What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

When someone has bipolar disorder, their symptoms will vary depending on whether they are going through a depressive episode or a manic episode. Some of the most common symptoms of a depressive episode include:

  • People will have massive fluctuations in their sleep habits, either sleeping all the time or not at all.
  • There will be significant changes in someone’s eating habits, either eating constantly or not at all.
  • Individuals experiencing a depressive episode may have fits of grief, crying, or sadness.
  • People may take a significantly longer amount of time to complete their errands.

Then, when someone entered a manic episode, the symptoms are going to change drastically. They include:

  • It is not unusual for individuals experiencing a manic episode to go multiple days without sleeping.
  • People experiencing a manic episode may also go on massive spending sprees and spend all of their money.
  • It was experiencing a manic episode are going to experience impaired judgment and may have reckless sexual encounters.

Manic episodes are every bit as dangerous as depressive episodes. Therefore, it is critical to treat this mental health disorder appropriately.

What Is the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder?

When it comes to treating bipolar disorder, it is important to approach this comprehensively. First, behavioral stabilizers such as lithium and valproic acid may prevent the roller coaster ride of emotions that people with this disorder experience. It is then critical for individuals experiencing bipolar disorder to enroll in therapy programs to get to the root cause of their issues. That is where we can help you. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we have a tremendous amount of experience treating this mental health issue, and we will use every bit of it to help you.

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