Serious drug and alcohol addiction require extensive therapy to recover. A residential treatment program may provide that level of care. It allows a person to live at the treatment center for several weeks or months. There, they learn about their addiction, how to manage it, and how to overcome it. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, our team provides this comprehensive level of inpatient rehab.

group session in residential treatmentWho Benefits from Residential Treatment?

Not every person with addiction needs inpatient rehab. Those that do will find it to be the best tool for overcoming addiction and reducing relapse risks. Some key signs indicating inpatient care is the best include:

  • Long term use of drugs or alcohol
  • Dependence, the inability to stop using without cravings or withdrawals
  • Relapsing previously
  • Addiction to high-risk drugs such as cocaine or heroin
  • Previous overdoses
  • Lacking a drug-free home or support system

In these situations, inpatient rehab may offer the supportive, drug-free environment necessary to help stop addiction progression.

Why Inpatient Is Beneficial

When enrolling in addiction treatment, the goal is to find the best possible treatment to minimize the risk of relapse. In a residential program, each client can focus solely on their physical and mental health needs. They do not have to worry about family struggles or work concerns. Here, the focus is on your health and healing.

For those with a drug-free home and ample support, stepping into residential care is still valuable. It allows for treatment to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Many people fail to remain successful at drug rehab because of withdrawal. It becomes so intense, and it’s hard to stop using substances.

Treatment for Mental Health Needs in Residential Treatment

Many people with drug and alcohol addiction also have an underlying mental health disorder. This may include depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. During residential care, treatment for mental health disorders is also provided.

That’s key. With treatment for both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously, a person is more likely to thrive in the years to come. Medications are available to help improve some disorders. Those medications are given in a controlled residential treatment program because they can have side effects. Getting just the right combination and type of medication is also important, and it takes time.

In inpatient rehab, treatment for these conditions together is possible and more effective. It enables ongoing support throughout the day for the care that’s needed.

Therapy in Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program offers a range of therapies. These include both talk therapy and healing through holistic means. Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Individual therapy programs: Learn to control thoughts and emotions to manage drug and alcohol use better. Gain help for past trauma or stress that leads to continued addiction.
  • Group therapy programs: This level of care allows people with addiction to learn from each other in a positive, motivating, and supportive environment. It’s never forced but encouraged as a way to open up.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This type of treatment allows for people to gain more control over their thought patterns. It aids in improving a person’s ability to make decisions about their drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: This type of therapy is designed to improve decision-making skills. It also helps a person to realize they have more control and can live in the moment.

Other therapy options are available as well. Each offers a new way to control symptoms of addiction effectively.

Find Treatment Now at Sierra Sage Recovery Services

Residential treatment is the foundation of care for many people with addiction. Our team at Sierra Sage Recovery Services ensures you have access to the highest level of support you need while receiving treatment from us. To learn more, call 833.922.2884 or connect with us online.