Cocaine is a stimulant. That means it speeds up the function of the central nervous system, creating intense energy and focus. It also is highly addictive, making it hard for a person to stop using it once they start. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we offer a comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment program. Work with our team to recover your health and future at our substance abuse treatment center.

When Does a Person Need Cocaine Rehab?

person holding out a baggy needing cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine addiction occurs when the drug changes the function of the brain. These small changes happen over a period of time of use. Over that time, the brain becomes reliant on the drug. When not using it, intense withdrawal symptoms and pain may occur. Sometimes the cravings are so substantial that there’s little a person will not do to get the drug. At this point, it’s not possible to stop using it.

You may benefit from cocaine treatment if you have symptoms such as:

  • Inability to stop using
  • Headaches, depression, insomnia, or muscle pain when not using
  • Previous cocaine overdoses
  • Needing to have the drug to feel “normal” or get through the day
  • Needing to use more cocaine to get the same results

Cocaine, as a stimulant, is highly dangerous. Using too much of it puts the heart, respiratory system, and other organs at risk. A heart attack or seizure can occur if you use too much. At the same time, withdrawing from this drug without the use of a professional is dangerous. It can cause seizures, paranoia, hallucinations, and intense pain. For that reason, it is best to get help from a cocaine rehab.

How Can a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program Help?

At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we work closely with each client to ensure comprehensive treatment is provided. After a full assessment, we will determine the proper treatment. Your care may include:

Where do you start? You don’t need to have all of the answers yet. That’s where we’ll work with you to create a complete treatment plan.

Comprehensive Support Through Cocaine Addiction Treatment

One of the keys we offer is providing our clients with a safe program to overcome cocaine addiction while living at home. This may include providing individual and group therapy programs to help you explore authentic strategies that work to give you back control. You will learn more about your addiction and how to monitor for symptoms of cravings. Care for your nutritional needs, physical health, and mental health are always provided as well.

With cocaine rehab, it’s possible to feel more in control over your future. Even if you’re unsure if you need treatment, reaching out to our team makes it possible to find out.

Seek Treatment Now – Call Sierra Sage Recovery Services Today

Investing in cocaine addiction treatment means taking the steps necessary to get healthy for good. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, turn to Sierra Sage Recovery Services can help. To learn more about our cocaine rehab program, call 833.922.2884 or reach out online.