Struggling with any drug addiction is a challenge. Individuals may feel they are on their own and have nowhere to turn to get help. Fortunately, Sierra Sage Recovery Services is committed to helping individuals heal and control their life back from addiction. Our drug addiction treatment program can help individuals address their triggers, learn new and healthy coping mechanisms, and ultimately overcome addiction.

Why You May Need Drug Addiction Treatment

a young adult going through drug addiction treatment

A drug addiction treatment offering well-rounded therapy programs can help individuals heal from the physical aspects of addiction, such as withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but from mental aspects. Individuals will often begin abusing drugs because of some underlying mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, or trauma. They look to drugs to self-medicate and relieve them of the pain and distress they are experiencing. Unfortunately, this only masks the deeper issues allowing them to worsen. At the same time, drug abuse heightens the risk of developing a dependency or addiction.

Also, individuals will turn to drugs to cope with stressful situations. Abusing drugs, once again, is a form of self-medicating. It doesn’t relieve or resolve the stress they are experiencing, and again, increases their risk of addiction. Finally, some individuals become dependent upon drugs through no fault of their own. For example, many individuals who struggle with prescription opioid addiction or benzo addiction became dependent despite following their doctor’s instructions because the medications were so potent. Whatever the cause of drug addiction, to heal from it properly requires professional support. Sierra Sage Recovery Services offers a drug addiction treatment program that understands the numerous reasons an individual may be dependent but focuses on how to help them heal.

Benefits of Getting the Right Treatment

There are several practical and lasting benefits to finding the right drug addiction treatment program in Las Vegas, NV. When individuals come to Sierra Sage Recovery Services, they will discover the following:

  • Root Causes of Addiction: Through individual therapy working one-on-one with a counselor or therapist, and participating in group therapy, clients discover their addictive behavior.
  • Personalized Treatment: There are aspects of drug addiction, similar to everyone struggling with it. However, individuals will have different treatment goals and need to use different approaches to meet those goals. This is why our experts work with clients to customize treatment to meet their specific needs.
  • Healing Environment: Our drug addiction treatment program is judgment-free. We are here to shame or guilt clients but to help them heal. While we challenge our clients to confront their issues, we believe a compassionate environment is a healing environment.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Addiction is a complex disease with physical and mental aspects. Therefore, a comprehensive treatment plan that clients can follow and see practical results is key to recovery. Our addiction treatment programs encourage the development of the skills necessary to live a sober life.

These benefits all come from reaching out and finding the support necessary to heal from drug addiction. Professional treatment for drug addiction increases the chances of lasting recovery and minimizes the risk of relapse.

Sierra Sage

When individuals come to Sierra Sage Recovery Services, they’ll find a wide range of treatment programs and therapeutic services. Because we understand that no two people will have the same struggles with addiction, we realize each person’s recovery will be unique. This means we need to offer as many options as possible. No matter the substance you or a loved one is abusing, we can provide the treatment necessary to heal. Some of our programs include:

Within these programs and others, clients will have the opportunity to take part in various therapies such as:

Once our expert counselors and therapists have thoroughly assessed clients, we’ll design a comprehensive and customized treatment plan. Learn more by calling 833.922.2884 and speaking with one of our admissions counselors.