It isn’t uncommon for patients to receive prescription medications from their doctors. It seems that medicine canPrescription Drug Addiction Treatment address nearly any problem today, from chronic headaches to non-stop anxiety. However, some patients may become dependent on these medications, leading to an addiction. Millions of Americans have used medicines without a prescription or in a way that does not adhere to a doctor’s prescription. An addiction can develop slowly, as most people do not notice their use shifting from recreational to compulsive abuse. Fortunately, a prescription drug substance abuse treatment program can help those battling the challenges that come along with substance use. To learn more about our services or to enroll in our treatment program, contact Sierra Sage Recovery today at 833.922.2884.

Types of Prescription Drug Addiction

It’s vital to understand what prescription drug addiction is when it comes time to seek treatment. Prescription medications are often quite potent, but how they interact with the brain and the body depends mainly on the type of medicine they are abusing.

One of the most common prescription drug addictions today is the addiction to prescription opioids, such as Oxycodone or Fentanyl. Doctors prescribe opioids after intensive surgeries or for those who suffer from chronic pain. When a person uses opioids, they bind to the opioid receptors, providing an intense feeling of euphoria and pain relief. When people take these medications for short periods, they are usually safe. However, because the euphoria is exceptionally intense, the temptation to use these medications more often or in larger amounts is significant. Regularly using opioids for extended periods can result in dependence and addiction.

Another common prescription drug addiction is benzodiazepine addiction. Doctors prescribe these medications to treat a wide array of conditions, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Panic attacks
  • Seizures and epilepsy

While these medications are beneficial, it is also relatively easy to become addicted to them. The human body quickly develops a tolerance to this medication, which means that patients will need to take larger doses of the drug to get the full effect. As a result, most doctors only prescribe this medication for about two or three months.

Many people also abuse prescription stimulants, which improve their energy and focus and provide euphoric effects. While these patients may feel good in the short-term, long-term use of these medications can have significant consequences. Therefore, it is essential to seek treatment from a prescription drug addiction treatment program.

What Occurs in a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

We offer a range of behavioral treatments during a prescription drug addiction treatment program, which usually consists of a range of therapy programs. These services allow patients to alter any unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns to stop abusing drugs. This treatment will enable patients to manage their cravings and avoid triggers. Our therapeutic options include:

During this treatment program, we may offer dual diagnosis treatment for those who are battling mental health conditions and addiction. This treatment option ensures that each patient has the tools to handle their mental health symptoms and triggers to abuse prescription drugs.

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The experts at Sierra Sage Recovery understand the challenges that those who are battling prescription drug addictions face. However, we also know that these are challenges that people can overcome. With the help of our treatment programs that we have specifically designed for the needs of professionals with addictions, we believe that each person can overcome their addiction. To learn more about our services, please reach out to Sierra Sage Recovery today at 833.922.2884 to learn more about our prescription drug addiction treatment program.