Opioids are highly addictive drugs. Both illicit and prescription opioids are dangerous to use because of their habit-forming abilities. When used over a period of time, they create dependence. That means it is hard for a person to stop using those drugs on their own. Opioid addiction treatment works to help break this dependence. Our substance abuse treatment center aids in healing both mental health and physical damage caused by addiction. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we offer this type of support.

How Does Opioid Addiction Form?

hundreds of pills showing the need for opioid addiction treatment

This drug addiction occurs because of the way opioids interact with the brain. They alter the brain’s chemistry and communication. The drugs stimulate the reward center of the brain, creating a euphoric feeling. The brain is programmed to seek out this type of experience, which is why it starts to crave drug use. Over time, a person becomes dependent, meaning the body and brain need the drug to function normally. At this point, opioid addiction treatment becomes critical.

Signs Opioid Addiction Treatment Is Necessary

Opioid rehab may be helpful to most people using these drugs. However, some people may need comprehensive addiction treatment to stop using opioids. You may need this type of support if you:

  • Have tried to stop using opioids and could not do so
  • Struggle with opioid use every day
  • Run out of prescription medications too soon
  • Feel withdrawal or cravings when you don’t use
  • Can’t maintaining responsibilities

When it comes to drug addiction, deciding to get treatment is key. For those with dependence, it may not be possible to stop using drugs on your own.

Understanding Prescription Drug Abuse

Not all opioids are illicit substances. Many are prescription pain killer medications given after serious injury or disease treatment. These drugs are safe to use only within the specific parameters set by the doctor prescribing them. If you are using them outside of this, that may mean you have an addiction.

All types of opioids are high risk when used for a long time, especially outside recommended doses. It is not wise to stop taking these drugs. Instead, work with your doctor to determine if it is safe to stop using.

How Does Opioid Addiction Treatment Help?

Opioid rehab is an opportunity to break the dependence and addiction you have in a safe and controlled environment. The primary goal of addiction treatment is to stop dependence, giving you the ability to stop using the drug for good. However, addiction treatment also requires managing the mental health damage addiction causes.

Our treatment programs are designed to provide the support you need. That includes providing an assessment to determine the level and type of care best suited for your needs. Some of the treatment programs we offer include:

Once in treatment, we’ll provide a range of therapies for you to embrace. You’ll learn more about your opioid addiction, how to monitor for signs of relapse, and how to rebuild your life. This may include developing strategies for managing stress. Many people also need mental health support for their addiction. We can provide for all of these services in our treatment program. Without opioid rehab, you may find it impossible to stop using this drug on your own. With treatment, you can rebuild a new future.

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Investing in opioid addiction treatment allows you to start seeing change and improving health. Our team at Sierra Sage Recovery Services offers comprehensive support to facilitate this. Our opioid rehab is a welcoming space where you’ll learn to heal, grow, and thrive in the years to come. To learn more, call us at 833.922.2884 or connect with us online.