a doctor talking to her patient about cognitive behavioral therapy Perhaps one of the most effective therapies when in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This form of talk therapy is usually conducted one-on-one with a counselor or therapist so that together the tandem can work through the client’s issues in a private and judgment-free setting. Often, individuals find that this kind of therapy challenges what they think about themselves, how they affect others, and why they turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance abuse. As the client and therapist develop a rapport, they also work together to identify issues and create a strategy for changing negative thinking.

At Sierra Sage, clients can take part in cognitive-behavioral therapy to discover more positive and healthier ways of thinking about themselves in the world. Doing so helps them break free of the psychological hold drugs or alcohol has upon them.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy Program

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based therapy involving a structured approach that has been used to treat many mental health and behavioral issues. This form of therapy utilizes a structured approach that focuses on the relationship between cognitions (thoughts), emotions/feelings, and behavior. Treatment includes building rapport, case conceptualizations, and motivational enhancement.

Individuals need to learn to address and deal with various emotional challenges that arise from difficult life situations. For example, they can cope with grief or loss, manage self-image, and prevent relapse once in recovery from substance abuse. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program at Sierra Sage helps clients deal with issues like these and more such as:

  • Overcoming abuse or violence trauma
  • Treating mental disorders without medication
  • Resolving conflicts in relationships
  • Managing emotion
  • Learning how to communicate effectively
  • Managing pain and physical symptoms

Benefits of CBT

Individuals experience numerous benefits from CBT while they are in treatment. By encouraging and developing positive, realistic thinking, our therapists at Sierra Sage give clients the tools they need to make healthy behavioral decisions. Negative thinking can become habitual and direct an individual’s actions. But by focusing on identifying, challenging, and eliminating negative thinking, cognitive-behavioral therapy gives patients the skills to move towards positive, lasting recovery.

When individuals struggle with a substance use disorder, they are often also struggling with low self-esteem. While not a cause of addiction, a negative self-image increases the risk of abusing drugs or alcohol because individuals are looking for a way to feel better about themselves. Drugs and alcohol offer a temporary solution letting individuals mask or forget their issues. Unfortunately, this only worsens mental health conditions and contributes to creating a dependency. CBT helps individuals focus on their problems and issues while working towards practical solutions that strengthen their resolve and gradually improves their self-esteem. Correcting negative thinking can be a challenge, but it is highly effective in helping individuals heal from the disease of addiction.

Also, our cognitive-behavioral therapy program improves clients’ communication skills. This allows individuals to exert control not just over their emotions but also their actions. It makes dealing with triggers, stressors, or emotionally difficult situations easier and more likely to result in a healthy outcome. CBT gives clients the tools they need to navigate these situations an avoid relapse. While there is no escaping stress, CBT allows individuals to identify their problems, patterns, and triggers, and then use their coping methods to get the support they need without fear or shame.

Sierra Sage

Sierra Sage Recovery Services was designed to provide high-quality care for Nevada Medicaid recipients who are experiencing substance use disorders. We want to ensure that members of our community have options to get the help they need. We address the increasing prevalence of addiction with co-occurring mental health in our community through our cognitive-behavioral therapy program and other therapeutic services.

Sierra Sage Recovery Services, a Las Vegas Recovery Center subsidiary, takes an innovative and modern approach to treat substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. Reach out to us today to learn more at 833.922.2884 and find out how we can help you.