a women talking to her doctor about addiction treatment therapies Millions of individuals every year are affected by the disease of addiction. However, only a small percentage get the support they need to heal. There are numerous reasons for this, but it’s perhaps most important to let those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction know there is help waiting for them. Addiction is a highly treatable disease that individuals can recover from, allowing them to get back to living their most desired life. Addiction treatment therapies are some of the best ways to help individuals overcome their substance use disorder and lay the foundation for positive mental health, leading to a lasting recovery.

Here at Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we understand the importance of finding the right treatment. This is why we offer a variety of addiction treatment therapies so clients can access the resources they need to heal.

The Importance of Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance use disorder or addiction causes the compulsive use of drugs or alcohol. It is a disease because the substance abused has altered an individual’s brain chemistry, making them dependent upon the substance to function normally. Addiction requires physical treatment to overcome withdrawal symptoms and health issues complicated by drug or alcohol abuse and mental health therapy to address the emotional aspects of the disease.

Without treatment, individuals struggling with substance use disorder can experience negative consequences like:

  • Job loss
  • Fatal or nonfatal overdose
  • Liver, heart, and brain damage
  • Housing problems
  • Financial debt
  • Divorce and damaged relationships

Therefore, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. With the right addiction treatment therapies, clients can learn how to repair their damaged relationships. They can identify triggers and high-risk situations and avoid them. Through therapy, clients learn new skills that allow them to develop healthy coping mechanisms for the stressors in their life and build a support system to help them stay sober.

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies

Addiction is a complex disease requiring professional support to heal from properly. One aspect of recovery is addressing the emotional and mental aspects of addiction. Many individuals turn to abuse drugs or alcohol because of some underlying mental health issues or stressors. If these aren’t treated, clients stand a greater risk of relapse even after completing detox and treatment. Some of the addiction counseling we offer at Sierra Sage Recovery Services include:

  • Individual therapy: Here, clients meet one-on-one in a confidential, private setting with a counselor or therapist.
  • Group therapy: For some clients, there are numerous benefits to discussing their substance use disorder with their peers who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. It’s a way not only to express oneself but hear and learn from others.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): A type of CBT, DBT concerns itself with how to express emotions and understand how others do so appropriately.

Sierra Sage

Sierra Sage Recovery Services prides itself on providing high-quality addiction treatment therapies to those struggling with substance use disorder. Whether drug or alcohol addiction, we offer the treatment programs necessary to heal. Some of our treatment programs include:

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