a man talking to his doctor about intensive outpatient treatment While individuals may realize they need support to heal from substance abuse, they may not be able to take time away from work, school, and family to attend an inpatient or residential rehab program. These addiction treatment programs usually require a person to commit to at least 30 days at their facility. A month away from work is not feasible for many. Similarly, many individuals have too many family obligations to step away from that amount of time. However, not getting treatment isn’t an option. Therefore, treatment professionals designed several different programs to cater to the needs of as many people looking for care and support as possible. One of these options is intensive outpatient treatment or IOP. Sierra Sage Recovery Services offers a full continuum of care, including an intensive outpatient treatment program for individuals in and around Las Vegas, NV.

What to Expect from an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Intensive outpatient treatment is frequently an excellent option of care for those unable to afford inpatient care or make the necessary time commitment. An IOP can be built around an individual’s work schedule and get them the treatment they need without disrupting their home life. Those in intensive outpatient treatment receive a condensed form of therapeutic care, meeting for several hours a week for a fixed set of weeks.

During this time, clients participate in the same kind of therapy provided to those in residential treatment and other programs. In individual therapy, clients work one-on-one with a counselor or therapist identifying triggers, exploring and working to overcome stressors in daily life, and developing the skills and techniques necessary to keep their mental health positive. In our IOP, individuals will also be able to participate in group therapy. Doing so allows individuals to develop a support system for after treatment. With the right support system, individuals stand a far better chance at avoiding relapse, and should it occur, they’ll have the resources to get back on track immediately.

Benefits of an IOP

While not everyone can enter into a residential or inpatient addiction treatment program, there are options. Here at Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we understand that mild dependency, relapse, and early recovery require an approach different from inpatient treatment. An IOP gives individuals the flexibility they need to not only address their issues with drugs or alcohol but stay connected to their family and meet their work or school obligations. The most important aspect of any addiction treatment program is that it offers individuals a clear path to sober living. In our intensive outpatient program, individuals will:

  • Recognizing negative behaviors and triggers
  • Learn new and healthy coping skills
  • Develop and be able to practice problem-solving strategies

Sierra Sage

Sierra Sage Recovery Services understands that each individual will have unique needs in recovery and deserve to have programs that will meet those needs. Our IOP is just one way to meet those needs. We also offer the following rehab programs:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): For individuals who need more structure as they transition to everyday life, PHP has clients come to our facility to get treatment but return to their home or sober living house in the evening.
  • Outpatient treatment: Some individuals need to continue to manage their addiction by meeting in group therapy or individual therapy once or twice a week to maintain their recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: A treatment program that simultaneously addresses substance abuse and mental health issues.

Within each of our programs, individuals will receive the same high-quality therapies helping them overcome their substance use disorder. Reach out to our admissions counselors today at 833.922.2884 to learn more today.