a woman feeling healthy after partial hospitalization programThere are numerous programs that individuals struggling with substance use disorder or addiction can take part in. Depending on an individual’s unique needs, a partial hospitalization program or PHP may be a good option. This is designed for individuals who do not need the 24-hour supervision provided in residential treatment. PHP is designed to help individuals make the transition back into everyday life from treatment. It provides structure and encourages independence while making sure individuals have the resources and support necessary to heal. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, our PHP is part of our wide continuum of care we offer so that anyone who comes to us to heal and recover from the disease of addiction can.

What to Expect from a Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program is an ideal mixture and balance of structure and freedom. Individuals come to our facility at Sierra Sage, usually five days a week, for at least a six-hour block of time. During this period, they receive the same quality of care afforded to residential treatment, such as individual and group therapy. The key difference between PHP and residential or inpatient care is that those in a PHP return to their home after treatment each day. Doing so allows individuals to practice their skills in therapy and gradually ease themselves back into everyday life more fully.

Individuals may come to a PHP after completing a residential treatment program as part of a progressive care system. They may also be placed into a partial hospitalization program upon intake and assessment by our team. Because each individual has different needs in recovery, it’s vital to place a client in the program that best suits their needs in healing from substance use disorder. Within our partial hospitalization program, clients will work with their counselors and therapists to examine how they handle stressors and triggers outside of treatment. Then, they’ll develop courses of action to address any issues or reinforce positive behavior.

Benefits of PHP

When individuals struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, they need to learn how their current coping mechanisms may be leading them down dangerous paths. In a PHP, individuals come to understand their particular triggers and how to apply the skills they learned in treatment to real-life situations. This gives individuals the ability to give and receive feedback creating the support necessary to build their confidence as they embrace sobriety. It is an ideal way to practically work through substance use disorder and adjust treatment based on real-world experiences.

Sierra Sage Recovery Services

Overcoming addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, is a process that takes time. The experts at Sierra Sage Recovery Services understand each individual has unique needs in recovery, so we’ve designed comprehensive and customizable treatment programs. Aside from our partial hospitalization program, we offer the following treatment programs:

  • Intensive outpatient program: This program is well-suited to those who have already completed a program but need additional support to transition back to everyday life or have relapsed and need to get back on the path to recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment program: Here, clients can receive the therapy or attend the support groups they desire to keep themselves healthy and on track in their new sober lifestyle.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program: Some individuals turn to substance abuse because of an underlying mental health condition, or such a condition arises from their use. No matter which is the case, it’s necessary to treat both simultaneously so the individual can avoid relapse and fully heal.

Throughout all of our programs, clients will find high-quality therapies and a caring, compassionate team of counselors and therapists dedicated to creating the foundation for a lasting recovery. Reach out today at 833.922.2884 to learn more.