a person taking part in individual therapy A cornerstone of addiction treatment is individual therapy. Because addiction is such a complicated disease, working through its mental and emotional aspects privately can help many clients identify, come to terms with, and overcome the underlying mental health issues they may be dealing with, as well as how their psychological state enabled or contributes to their substance use disorder. Sierra Sage Recovery Services understands how vital addiction treatment therapies are beginning with an individual therapy program.

What Individual Therapy Entails

At Sierra Sage in our individual therapy program, you meet one-on-one with your therapist every two weeks. These sessions are conducted privately and are completely confidential, allowing you and your therapist to develop a rapport and trust. Individual therapy sessions are a place where clients can process what was discussed in group therapy, set new goals for themselves, and gauge how well or effectively they’ve been able to meet their objectives for treatment.

Your therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and how your substance use disorder affects you. Then, together, a course of action will be determined, and a variety of therapeutic approaches may be tried as you and your therapist work through your issues. One method used at Sierra Sage is the acceptance and commitment therapy of ACT. This is a form of talk therapy that works well in reducing the symptoms of depression. It allows clients to focus on confronting avoidance in life and movement towards valued activities. Individuals learn about negative clusters of thought and how to create a path of healthy thinking. At the same time, clients can learn about new and healthy communication skills.

Another method used in individual therapy is interpersonal psychotherapy or IPT. This approach targets interpersonal issues between the client and their family, friends, co-workers, peers, or loved ones. Examining these issues allows for individuals to see how distress is created. IPT also explores areas such as delayed or incomplete grief, role transitions, role disputes, or interpersonal deficit. This method within individual therapy helps clients improve their interpersonal functioning and increase social support.

ACT and IPT are just two common approaches our expert counselors and therapists may use in individual therapy at Sierra Sage.

Benefits of an Individual Therapy Program

When a client first begins therapy, the counselor or therapist will focus on gathering information about the client’s history, both personal and medical. Clients will be encouraged to talk about their living situations, friends and family, work-life, or future goals. This information gathering allows the counselor or therapist to develop a more personal understanding of who a client is and what they’ve gone through. This may take a few sessions, but with patience, clients can see several benefits.

For instance, some benefits of an individual therapy program can include:

  • Building healthier social relationships
  • Better communication skills
  • Ability to more effectively control one’s moods and emotions
  • Recognizing triggers and negative habits and replacing them with healthy coping mechanisms
  • Being better able to deal with stress, anger, and other negative emotions

Sierra Sage

An individual therapy program at Sierra Sage Recovery Services is one of the best ways for clients struggling with substance use disorders to learn to cope, manage, and overcome their dependency. We offer high-quality care, ensuring members of our community have the options they need to heal and recover. Our addiction treatment therapies include:

Our innovative approach to treating substance use and mental health issues makes Sierra Sage Recovery Services, a Las Vegas Recovery Center subsidiary, stand out. Reach out to us today to learn more at 833.922.2884 and find out how we can help you.