From the first day of getting drug and alcohol treatment, you will learn that the goal is to avoid relapse. Throughout treatment, individuals learn ways to overcome and prevent relapse. A good portion of the work done in recovery is preparing to continue to live a drug and alcohol-free life once the program concludes. However, it’s important to understand that relapse is a part of recovery. When someone relapses, they aren’t failures, and it simply isn’t the case that rehab didn’t work. Because addiction is a chronic disease, it must be managed. There will be moments when it flares up, causing a relapse. What matters the most is what an individual does when they do relapse.

Our relapse prevention program in Las Vegas at Sierra Sage Recovery Services is designed to give individuals healing from a substance use disorder the resources and skills they need to avoid relapse and find the support necessary should it happen. This way, individuals can continue their recovery even when their sobriety is threatened. Relapse prevention is about lowering risk, increasing accountability, and making sure there is an appropriate support network in place.a man talks about a relapse prevention plan

What Is Relapse Prevention?

When we create a relapse prevention plan, the goal is to create a step-by-step process you can follow when you feel at risk of relapsing. You may start thinking about using again, or you may have memories that seem positive from when you were using. When you experience yourself going down this path, you will have a plan to avoid using again. For many people, relapse prevention is critical to long-term recovery and success.

What Goes Into a Relapse Prevention Plan?

When you work with your counselors at Sierra Sage Recovery Services, you will learn a great deal about relapse prevention. This includes tools to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and lead yourself out of dangerous situations where the risk of use is high. Creating an action plan centers around several things such as:

  • Know what your triggers are and create a plan to avoid them
  • Take care of yourself mentally and physically to ensure you are in a good place to manage your relapse thoughts
  • Recognize signs that could mean you are at risk, such as cravings and thoughts of use
  • Know how to get help immediately from a mentor or friend who will help you stay sober
  • Recognize the need to get more advanced therapy in a drug and treatment program

Learn Preventative Solutions

Relapse prevention is all about creating a plan for overcoming your challenges and preventing negative outcomes. To do this, you need to be working towards preventing negative thoughts and encouraging positive outcomes constantly. Many simple tools can help you, including:

  • Writing and journaling about your experiences
  • Telehealth therapy services
  • Attending support meetings locally
  • Reaching out to mentors
  • Exercising and planned activities
  • Focusing on health and nutrition

There will be many life changes that are also a part of your relapse prevention plan. This includes changing the relationships you have with people who still use and making changes to the work you do to lessen your risks of use. You may need to have a set schedule or new hobbies to help you.

Reach Out to Sierra Sage for Help Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan

Providing you with the support you need to recreate a plan for relapse prevention is our program’s primary goal. We understand that each person’s needs are different. Thus, we offer a wide range of therapies at our residential and outpatient treatment center in Las Vegas to help support you on this way forward, such as:

Relapse prevention is not a task you have to handle on your own. It is a step in the recovery path, and our team at Sierra Sage Recovery Services can help you overcome it. The right plan can make a big difference. It also helps to have the right team working to support you. In our treatment program, you will always have the guidance you need to heal. Call us at 833.922.2884 to learn how to get started.