Access to high-quality addiction treatment should be available for anyone who needs it. Our goal is to provide help to the members of the Las Vegas community that need it most.

Sierra Sage Recovery Services (SSRS) specializes in treating substance use disorders with co-occurring mental health conditions. By working through the addiction and underlying mental health disorder, our clients can get to the root of their addiction. Find out more about the admissions process by calling 833.922.2884.

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Rehab Admissions at SSRS

The first step in recovery is treatment admissions. If you are struggling with substance abuse and have a mental health issue, Sierra Sage is ready to help. Our rehab admissions process is simple. There is a free, 15-minute phone screening that helps determine if our programs fit your needs. Our admissions staff can then set up an appointment so that you can find the support you need to recover.

We want to learn your stories to understand you better. That personal understanding helps us provide

the best treatment plan possible. We will ask for the following information during the screening:

  • The individual’s drug history
  • Types of drugs abused
  • The individual’s treatment history
  • The length of time of addiction
  • Any mental health disorders (known or potential)
  • Family life
  • Employment history/current employment conditions
  • Medical conditions

All this information helps us determine the best treatment program for the client. There is also an insurance verification process.

Insurances We Accept

Sierra Sage accepts Medicaid plans from Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield and the Health Plan of Nevada (HPN). To find out if your insurance covers our treatment, contact us at 833.922.2884 today or verify your insurance using our secure online form.

Available Rehab Programs

SSRS offers all levels of rehab care, including:

Sierra Sage has a team of dedicated staff who can help you, regardless of where you are in your recovery. All our programs work together to create the most beneficial experience possible.

We place our clients in the appropriate therapy style at intake. However, clients can progressively move from one program to another.

Our Therapeutic Services

You can expect a comprehensive therapeutic service to guide you through recovery.

Every individual is unique, and no two cases are the same. Our dual-diagnosis treatment program tailors treatment for individual recovery needs. Our staff has experience treating depressive and anxiety disorders in substance abuse clients.

Treating both the addiction and underlying mental health issues together reduces the risk of relapse. That also enhances the recovery process and creates a supportive, encouraging environment for our clients to thrive.

We mainly provide:

However, we also offer family therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and bipolar disorder therapy for those who need it.

Our team specializes in treating addiction with co-occurring mental health issues; we use many therapy styles to do so. Our clients have access to all our therapies.

Who Benefits From Our Services?

We offer our services and therapies to clients struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorder(s). We have specialized treatment programs for the following:

We specialize in treating substance use disorders with co-occurring mental health issues. Often, individuals who suffer from substance abuse disorders become addicted to mask their underlying mental health conditions.

Contact Sierra Sage Recovery Services Today for More Information

Recovery is possible, and the professionals at Sierra Sage Recovery Services can help you get there. Call 833.922.2884 or fill out our online form to learn about treatment admissions and find the plan that works for you at Sierra Sage.